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Hi, I'm Carlos Martinez. I'm a high performance & empowerment coach in Orlando.


Carlos is a husband, father, entrepreneur, high performance coach and speaker. 


He is most known for helping people implement key high performing habits that allow them to not only achieve their goals but go beyond their normal capacity. 


Drawing from his personal experiences: the absence of his biological father, battling with addition, being arrested multiple times, business struggles, and various other obstacles, Carlos’ life story allows him to connect with others fighting for greatness. 


No matter who they are or what they’re striving to achieve, Carlos’ perspective and approach offers insights that exchange cycles of failure for patterns of success.


Carlos aspires to impact a million men to maximize their manhood and as a result forever changing the trajectory of their legacy for generations to come. 

About Me


Mindset Direction Coaching helps men by providing structural excellence for performance success.

clarity & confidence

This program can help you if you have ever struggled with following questions:

  • Are you not achieving your goals?

  • Do you get distracted easily from completing tasks at hand?

  • Have you ever felt less important, ignored, or can’t compete with other men?

  • Do you have self-doubt, second guess yourself, and change your decisions when others question you?

  • Do you believe what you want isn’t as important as what others want?

  • Do you yield instead of promote your ideas when challenged?

  • Do you do more and more of what your spouse/partner wants and less and less of what you want?

  • Do you find yourself saying sorry when you are not at fault?

  • Were you bullied as a boy?

  • Did you not have a supportive male figure in your life growing up?

  • Do you feel like you are “faking” your masculinity around other men

  • Do you fear taking risks?

If you answered YES to ANY of these questions then this program is for you and we can help you overcome these detrimental and negative mindsets!

90 days to Ultimate direction

This 90 Day Program includes:

  • 12 Weekly Sessions

  • Structure and Accountability

  • Goal Setting and Action Steps

  • DISC Assessment

  • Discussion and Self-Discovery

  • Text and Email communication 



Have you ever felt like its just you against the world? Have you ever felt like no one close to you believes in you or your dreams? Do you feel as though no one understands you or the vision you have for your life? Well you are not alone! Welcome to the Mindset Mastermind Group! Our Mastermind group is a community of vetted like minded, goal oriented and success conscious individuals. Once accepted to join the group, you will have access to an abundant amount of wisdom and learn from real life experiences not just what people have read from a book! 

Let's Talk
"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves."

Thomas Edison

"I worked with Carlos for the 90 days to Ultimate Direction and to be honest I didn't think you could make much of a difference in your life in 90 days. I took a leap of faith and trusted in him and the process he was taking me through. WOW. I couldn't believe the growth I had made in that period of time! My physical, mental and spiritual health along with my relationship with my wife and kids improved significantly. I've already purchased another 90 days with him to begin working on my career and financial goals. So with that said I would wholeheartedly recommend Carlos & Mindset Direction Coach to any man who's ready to take that leap of faith and change his life for the better!"

David Perez, FL

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