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  • The DISC Model of Human Behavior

  • I am certified to administer DISC personality assessments

  • I am certified to help men understand and apply their DISC profile report

  • I am certified to skillfully explain each page of the adult DISC profile reports (concise, standard, extended and leadership DISC profile versions)

  • I am certified to read DISC personality graphs in detail.

"I worked with Carlos for the 90 days to Ultimate Direction and to be honest I didn't think you could make much of a difference in your life in 90 days. I took a leap of faith and trusted in him and the process he was taking me through. WOW. I couldn't believe the growth I had made in that period of time! My physical, mental and spiritual health along with my relationship with my wife and kids improved significantly. I've already purchased another 90 days with him to begin working on my career and financial goals. So with that said I would wholeheartedly recommend Carlos & Mindset Direction Coach to any man who's ready to take that leap of faith and change his life for the better!"

David Perez

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